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Should Other Countries Hit Back to the United States As Rwanda Did?

A patient in Africa is treated for Ebola

Not long ago, I was chatting with my American friends, and it came to my observation that most Americans think of Africa as a country rather than as continent. In fact, it is somewhat egregious to see that the United States has decided to screen everybody who comes from the Continent for Ebola as if Africa is one village. This behavior sums up how the idea of Africa has always been treated as one nation. The rich, diverse, and big continent of Africa shouldn’t be treated as if it is a small and poor country that the rest of the world has always tried to ignore. Therefore, I am encouraging all other nations of Africa to screen for Ebola US Citizens who visit the continent. This is not because of some blind pessimism, but because there has been cases of Ebola in the States. Some people may find not feel the need of screening for US visitors. But this doesn’t disappoint.

What disappoint the most is that the US will not tolerate whoever enters its boarder while coming from Africa. In fact, a few weeks ago, kids from Rwanda were denied to go in class in New Jersey, not because they had Ebola symptoms, but because they were simply from Africa. This idea struck my mind, and it made me realize that until Africans start to speak out for themselves, they were be oppressed. Africans need to stand out and defend their dignity. What is shameful is that Rwanda, a country in East Africa, had made a strong decision of screening travelers from Nations with Ebola cases, but unsurprisingly, after that some people found this decision to be schadenfreude, that decision was lifted.

Rwanda lifts its screening of Ebola cases. (Twitter screenshot)
Rwanda lifts its screening of Ebola cases. (Twitter screenshot)

Rwanda might have its personal reasons to stop screenings of US and Spain citizens, but few will deny that it is a moral obligation for one to protect him or her self from contamination. If HIV is a bed bug pain, Ebola is a lion bite pain–interesting analogy, but the bottom point is that it is absolutely ok to do everything possible to protect yourself from the Ebola outbreak. Africans nations should not act under fear of loss of aid, and other similar international attachments. Therefore I am calling African countries to start screening people who visit them. I prefer antiseptic over aseptic. The Ebola outbreak should be stopped.


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