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The best countries to start a technology startup in Africa

It is not far along ago when starting a tech company in Africa was only a dream; but, every great birth of a kingdom starts with a dream. Africa is seeing a rebirth of its entrepreneur spirit highlighted by an unprecedented engagement in business by the African youth. One can boldly confirm that there are at least ten new tech startups in each African country. In this article, five top countries that are facilitating doing business as young entrepreneurs will be discussed by emphasizing on relevant point and also by elaborating what’s required to start a tech company. The writing will be coated by sharing with you success stories in the new tech hub, Africa. Below are the top five countries.

  1. Rwanda:

Rwanda’s recent performance in the “Doing Business Rankings” has been exemplary, something that has drawn attention from international tech companies and investors alike. Improvements have been made across the board, facilitating the conduct of financial and economic services. The 2013 World Bank Doing Business Report has ranked Rwanda 52nd out of 185 countries. This broad improvements has also seen the major tech companies such as MTN to grow dramatically. This has also given a green light to the youth which is chasing prosperity. Just 21 years ago, this same youth was used to massacre a million neighbors and friends. Nowadays, the same youth is involved in business and technology; HeHe Ltd, Gogo Ltd are perfect examples of tech startups build by the Rwandan youth. The structure of the Rwanda Development Board allows whoever who once to start a business to get licenses in a few hours online; constant conferences have also served as catalyst for the already hungry for prosperity Rwandan youth.


Since independence, Botswana’s economy has had one of the fastest growth rates per capita in the world. Diamond and precious metal mining are vital to the Batswana economy, but the government is working to diversify their industries. Botswana has made importing and exporting faster, according to the 2013 “Ease of Doing Business” report

   3. Namibia

The most important sectors in Namibia are mining, agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism. According to the World Bank, “Namibia has made getting electricity easier.” Namibia however dropped the most number of places in the top ten African countries in the index. Namibia fell six places – it is now the 87th easiest place in the world to do business

    2.  Mauritius

Although the Mauritius’ economy is mainly based on tourism, textiles, sugar, and financial services, it has recently added many other important sectors such as information technology and renewable energy. According to the 2013 “Ease of Doing Business” report, Mauritius made property transfers faster and has improved access to credit information. Since 2012, the country has moved five places up on the index – it is now the 19th easiest place in the world to do business.

  1. South Africa

In South Africa, tourism, auto manufacturing, information and communication technology development, and mining are the key industries. According to the World Bank, South Africa has reduced the time and the number of documents required to export and import through its ongoing customs modernization program

Not surprisingly, the most attractive places for starting a tech company are the best places to do business in general.

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